Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230

After lots of surfing and consulting friends, colleagues,...lots of people i finalized on
Nokia 3230 as my 3rd Phone

Nokia 3230,Yogesh Jangam

Nokia 3230,Yogesh Jangam

I have previously used Nokia 3610,and Nokia 2300. Last phone, i.e Nokia 2300 is the worst phone with lots of software bugs and handset hangs almost everytime i try to make a call or read SMS or send SMS.

Enough abt that...Lets talk about Nokia 3230

What did I consider?

Before buying this i was thinking about following handsets
  • Nokia NGage QD
  • Nokia 3610
  • Sony Ericsson T610
  • Nokia 6610
  • Nokia 6610i

Being a Nokia fan, i dropped Sony Ericsson.
I was almost going to buy NGage QD, but this website saved me.
So i bought Nokia 3230 against strong opposition from my folks

Why Nokia 3230?

I would say why not.
This is one phone which has almost all the features i want
MP3 player and tones
FM Radio
1.3 MP Camera

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Video Recording
..the list goes on
Its an multimedia phone to be owned.

It is similar to Nokia 6600 in features, minus EDGE and FM Radio Player. But is far better when compared to looks
6600 is eggshaped and has oddly placed buttons, Nokia 3230 on the other hand has square grid placed buttons.
Although on first impression, the buttons look difficult to use, but believe me they are not.

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And using joystick is a joy. It feels sturdy and clickable to use it while browsing through applications or while making calls.It is definately the best joystick to use

A 2.2 inch bright 65K color display is a pleasure to look at. It is very pleasing to play in-built games like Rally Pro Contest or Warrior Quest.
Have not loaded any mp3's yet so will update this section....
Having heard a sample mp3 during phone demo, it sounded a bit lower on External Loudspeaker.
For this matter Sony Erricson scores, as having heard MP3's on K700i which blasts the ambience, nokia 3230 is poor on speaker output for mp3s.

Other formats like .amr or .wav files play loud and clear....mp3 ..gotta fix that!!


Bright,Big Screen
Best Joystick
Connectivity via Bluetooth and IR
MMC Support..(Max upgradable to 512MB)
MP3 Audio
Lesser Games (3 games!! Thats all folks)
Could have done with a 64MB MMC atleast

Reviews i read

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neeraj said...

Hi YJ!

Firstly Congrats for your new phone.
NOKIA as far as I know own several products that are rough, tough and above all with good features. Anyone could rely on NOKIA.

NOKIA 3230 is definitely another example of Nokia's creativity. I think that my Sony Ericsson T610 is in love with your phone now!!:)