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Its rainy season in India..or as we like to call it Monsoon
So these are the snaps i took today when it was sufficiently dry..
This is of a tree located in a field near where i take my usual bus....nice look of a lone ranger kinda stuff

And this is of a cloud covered mountain

Soothing a'int it!!


neeraj said...

just one word - "Awesome"

allison said...

beautiful tree. reminds me of a Joshua Tree. Did you take both pitures the same day?

Yogesh Jangam said...

Yup ally (i like small names i hope i can call u ally!)

Those snaps were taken on the same day

What is Joshua Tree btw?
(ok...will google it!)

Prasita said...

wow yogesh...
that reminds me of the Mountain that is seen from my home(HajiMalang)...
Cool Pic yaa!
Keep going.