Its Raining!

Whew! Let me dry myself first.

Its been raining like hell in Mumbai this week.

I had to stay at my office on 26th July night because there wasn't anyway to go back to home.
Thanks to my Company, they booked a nice room for us
Nice and Cozy

After a good nights sleep and continuos rain (every time i woke up it was raining outside..i mean when did it wanted to stop), i woke up next morning for a quick breakfast. These are some snaps of the surrounding area.
Remind you of a lake, doesn't it, but its a single-lane road

Look at the bikes parked on Lane divider...some smart move aye?


Wonderful things u can do with ZOOM take this snap without getting wet

While i was waiting for the hotel to open up for service. I knew i was very hungry at 8:30 in the morning..just anything for a hot chai and pakoras.
Just then these 2 guys passed us and i thot hey why not!!
You and this beautiful world!

Some time later i saw one Uncle getting out of his office just like we had (me and my colleague Yogesh Dingorkar)
Lets get home!!


neeraj said...

Hi YJ,

I was really shocked when I heard the news. I mean it was never expected! such huge rains in mumbai has created a history. Here at Hyderabad the climate is too good...and i could not imagine the situation in mumbai at all.
All I have seen some news channels telling the situation there in mumbai. I am really worried but can't help at all.

allison said...

get the bug spray bad are the mosquitoes in India?? There terrible in my back yard.....sometimes as big as half an inch.

Anonymous said...

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