Ok! Ok!

After lots of persuasion from my fellow blogger Neeraj (hi...neeraj), i m posting this after quite a time[15 days].
So i have not been blogging for quite some days
This is what happened in my life in those days
  1. I got a new PC at my office...Its a sleek all black system....TFT one word sexy..
  2. My Nokia 3230's Memory got corrupted...need not it replaced withing 2 days..Thanks to Nokia and Durgesh from King Electronics
  3. Spent abt 10 hrs in total transferring my Code and Other essential things (mp3s mostly) on the new mc.
  4. Called 2 friends and wished them happy birthday(belated). (Why do people forget my birthday?..Well guys at least i won't)
  5. Pulled out my digicam and shot some pictures...wait till i post them
  6. Finished re-reading Dan Brown - Angels and Demons and Digital Fortress
  7. Now reading P.G.Wodehouse - Heavy Weather
Well thats about all..

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