Keyboard of dreams!

Tired of your same old QWERTY keyboard. Still this you miss some of your favorite buttons...Like switch to Rocket-Bomber in Quake3 Well this is a solution for you OLED (Organic LED) and Keyboard have/will join hands and create a dream product.. Guys i am waiting for this one

Check This out
Optimus Keyboard


allison said...

oh my gosh......what is that a phone?

hey i need to buy a new phone b/c my old sony is broken. would you recommend the sidekick by t-mobile? i need help! i'm cell phone challenged.

thx yogesh!

Yogesh Jangam said...

hi ally
Thats a keyboard [funky looking aye!]

I recommend Nokia although they need to sort out their software problems......

Sidekick by that phone huge??..

i mean its better to have slick phones with enuff features than carrying a log around...

Ilaiy said...

Nice keyboard ..


allison said...

yeah, i guess its sorta big but i want something that is text-message friendly. the new razor makes too much noise when pushing the keypad and i want something that i can get on the internet with. Maybe I should get a handheld.

what is that keyboard for anyway?

neeraj said...

Hi YJ,

Hows u! I just wanted to ask you whether I could get a keyboard that would type readymade java classes for me! :))

Neel said...

Very cool keyboard. Hope all is well Yogesh.

allison said...

Happy Independence Day India!!