Talk This Way

Well. Google does it again!
(I love these guys.....GMail Google Maps Google Earth Google Mars.....) After rumors and speculations about whether Google will enter the IM arena, they finally done it with release of Google Talk.

All you need is Google, actually and Google account id.
You can mail me if you want one.

Here are some screenshots from Google page

And the download size is less, neglible onyl 900k

So try it out Google Talk


allison said...

nice. i already have a gmail e-mail account so does this qualify me for the IM?

neeraj said... now i should start thinking of shifting to google talk from yahoo messenger! Hahaha!!

I always like to try something new. Variety is the spice of life! What say YJ!

allison said...

isn't bad for your computer to have a bunch of different IM programs downloaded?

neeraj said...

Yeah Allison..multiple IM programs wud be waste of resources but now-a-days when the processors are far more advancing to higher speeds and performances that would not be an issue.
But using just one tool would be recommended. Anyways several a times I use MSN msgr and Yahoo Msgr simultaneously. It all depends on how fast you react to your friends on different IMs.Computers shall continue to serve!