Now see it...hear it

You have read me talk about the song....
You have read me talk about the video....
Yes its James Blunt - You are beautiful.

Now hear the song
Now see the vid.....Thanks HyperLaunch

I am sure i am gonna buy this CD next month


Antu said...

dude was that ur original composition,if it was i didnt know u were a poet.anyways i would call such a place xanadu.

allison said...

happy new year!

Het Waghela said...

HNY Yogesh.
May you have a wonderful 2oo6.

Varun Parange said...

I heard the song recently... it is really amazing... his voice is what makes the difference.. it is really different from any other..

Happy new year..
have a great year.. and may it be full of love and success on every front