Over and out

Am i blogged out?
Are we blogged out 1 2 3 4?
Cmon guys we can atleast take 5-10 mins off a day and atleast put what are we upto?
I know we have busy schedules, deadlines.....or like are plain bored to do this..but i have decided taht i would blog everytime i am on the net (That leaves weekends when i am at home..)

Cmon. Get up....Get going

What have i been upto?
I have been to Elephanta Caves and Alibag beach.
I have read William Boyd - Fascination (short stories)
I am now reading Atlas Shrugged (yes yes starting it for the zillionth time but this time i would complete it)
I bought a new computer since my old baby one day decided to give up on me.

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neeraj said...

Yeshhh i was blogged out for some time. Just wrote another article today. Have a read!