The Idiot

A rather strange title for a book but that is what not got me to pick this one. Right now i am reading "The Idiot" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky,

I have heard about the author and also this was a good buy for at the bookstore. Just dived in this one so nothing much to tell you about it except that it seems to be comical.

And here is something to get you started

In late November, during a thaw, around nine in the morning, a train on the Petersburg–Warsaw railway line was approaching Petersburg at full blast. It was so damp and foggy that it had just barely grown light; within ten paces to the right and left of the rails, it was difficult to make out anything at all from the carriage windows. Among the passengers were some returning from abroad; but the third-class compartments were more crowded, mainly with common folk on business, from not too far away. As usual, everyone was tired, everyone’s eyes had grown heavy in the night, everyone was chilled, all the faces were pale and yellow, matching the color of the fog.

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