So far so good

World cup so far has been interesting

  • Opening win by Germany (Klose and Lahm nice work)
  • Self goal by Paraguay (England need to wake up!!!)
  • Top scorer Mexican Bravo (what esle but bravo)
  • Argentina wins!
  • Great play by Trinidad & Tobago and Ivory Coast.
Eventful and yes i had to watch these matches late in the night some till 2:30 am of next day

a total 8 matches have been played and only one was a draw. Opener was highest scoring with 6 goals and Swede/Tobago match was lowest with 0 goals.


1 9-Jun-2006GER:CRC4:2 (2:1)
2 9-Jun-2006POL:ECU0:2 (0:1)
310-Jun-2006ENG:PAR1:0 (1:0)

510-Jun-2006ARG:CIV2:1 (2:0)
611-Jun-2006SCG:NED0:1 (0:1)

711-Jun-2006MEX:IRN3:1 (1:1)
811-Jun-2006ANG:POR0:1 (0:1)

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