178 died
400 injured
7 blasts
11 minutes
1 lakh rupees for dead...

No Condolences for those whose kins died. They cannot be condoled. They do not need it.
Salute to Mumbaikars who came to help, largely outnumbered by onlookers but you are the spirit that runs this city. You are who make this city.

No words for the people who caused this. No one can know what could have motivated you to do such deeds. No one wants to know.

No blame to government or police or the security force. See this wasn't an planned attack on a minister or plot to spoil wedding of a corporate. It was just an attack on common people. Please carry on with the chores.

Go ahead and form another committee. Catch some innocent some guilty, free them years later due to lack of witnesses..

I need to stop here and get back to normal life...yes. i would like to do that.

I love Mumbai!!

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Lonely Canuck said...

I'm on the other side of the world, and still cannot fathom any understanding for what makes the people of Mumbai so patient. Kashmiri millitants have consistantly attacked the city yet no major incursion has occured. When will the Indian gov't wake up and send their massive and well equipped army into kashmir and flush out the millitants? Take a page out of America's book and realize that when you don't take the fight to the terrorists, the terrorists take it to you.