Things I cannot live without (on my PC)

Things i cannot live without. I just have to have these on any machine i touch...

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Textpad
  3. Yahoo Widgets with World Clock Pro
  4. Launchy

Mozilla Firefox
The best browser ever. Things i like : Tabbed browsing, bookmarks toolbar, customizable quick searches, and its fast

Its the best notepad tool i've ever used. Features i like are document tab. folder searching. its very helpful while i m programming.

Yahoo Widgets.
I've been using from the time it was called Konfabulator. Tried hundreds of widgets ranging from games,post-it notes,clocks, RSS readers. 2 widgets that i always install i World Clock Pro and Harry Potter Quote

I have stop using mouse after i had installed lauchy. This small app stores all your shortcuts that you ask it to and run them by typing there names in short. for ex. to start fire fox on my machine i need to type "fi" instead of start > Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Firefox. I have even gone ahead and removed QuickLaunch toolbar.

hope you would also love this tools.

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