Sounds of Silence

Can you hear yourself talking? Can you hear your mind?

I was returning from my job, very late. Took a bus to home which was not that crowded. After getting a seat i pulled out my book and started reading, which is what i usually do since i frequently travel alone. After some moments, i noticed that a boy just ahead of me was doing vivid gestures with this hands and looking at the next boy which i thought must be just another passenger.

It took me some time to understand that they were talking in sign language. They looked to happy, a happiness that showed on their faces. The hand gestures, the moving of lips as if to speak but just enough to convey the word.The questions, their answers, cracks , i could not definately understand what was the talk but how animated it was.

The talk looked so animated, so alive, i thought i could never talk like that
This was the same bus where a guy behind me was bragging to his friend about the new mobile he got, the screechingly loud ringtones of mobiles that is so irritating and the usual noises of a city busy in itself. This was the same bus where i saw such a conversation that being so open was yet still so private. Moments later when these two guys got a place to seat, they were joined by a third friend and continued the same way, talking

My Hands

My book lay forgotten on my lap as i was amazed to see them talk. Nothing more, just talk.

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Anonymous said...

for the first time i read your blog did not know you were into it,,,,,,good to know yaar,,will try and read such interesting experiences,,,,,,,,,,darshana