Tudor we go Part#1

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This is so true for 9-5ers that we are caught up in a routine life and are sometimes Sick of Office-Home-Office. This is what might have led to our office folks planning a small outing for us guys working at IBTech in MphasiS Andheri.

Tudor Farms

There was an outing planned on last Saturday, 2nd December to visit Tudor Farms situated between Karjat and Khopoli. Situated exactly as below

Plan was to start early, really really early from Mumbai and its suburbs by boarding buses as planned meticlously by our coordinators Rajiv,Priyanka, Sudarshan and Nilesh. I had to get up early which was a first on weekend also for lots of other folks boarding near LBP. The 49 seater bus came up a tad bit late but the 61 seater arrived late at Borivali and we started from LBP at 7:15.

The 61 seaters!!




During the road we had a nice chance to ready ourselves for the oncoming day as we moved through suburbs of Andheri,JuinagarVashi,Belapur, and we also got to see the sun up in its orange mood


After a slight mishap on the way of taking the wrong turn we reached Tudor at 9:00 dot so no harm done. .

these roads lay forgotten...
The previous bus having reached earlier had people disperse out offit and into the farm which had a very nice green lawn and quite a few places to sit and enjoy the scenic view of the lake.

Mini Island
There was this real cool mini island which was near these farms. All nice with a small bunglow and ready with a boat


Leaving early with a little snack left me hungry for the breakfast which was mindblowing. I can still taste the Egg Burgi which was simply great. After dumping meself with lots of burgi paav and some team snaps we were off the check out the surroundings!!


We've know earlier there were some games are planned for us and a cool DJ. The first thinge we did after a bit of roaming around was gather around a large circle and play a game of Bank. The ladies were value at 10 and men at 5 bucks. the prompter would shout out an amount in which we had to gather ourselves like "a group of 15" "3 ladies and a gent", those who were not when the music stopped were out of the game. A real fun one to start our day with.


After these the participants were divided into a group of 4 which were called DOGS,CATS,DUCKS and CROWS. I was part of the dogs.

The name is Dog, Blue Dog.


Check out some snaps. You can use your Yahoo ID to login and please put some comments

All Snaps

coming more in part II..

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