Glasgow diaries : Departure [8th April 2007]

1. Departure

after all preparations finally 8th of April arrives the day i fly out of Mumbai. I wait for the flight along with my mom,dad and friends Ananata and Mandar. the most boring part was to wait before going in for all checks and baggage. I try to taste the ugly overpriced coffee at airports and then later take a swag of Red Bull to keep me awake all the time.

Boarding Pass
Since this is the first time i am actually gonna fly, i am a bit excited. Once my checkin is done i come out again with my boarding pass.

Once thats done i finally get in the Immigration Counter, show my pass and get in the queue to board the flight. In all this excitement i forgot to wave goodbyes to mom,dad and friends. Once through the Immigration checkin i head downstairs for waiting room to be boarded.

The Flight
The flight would go from Mumbai to Delhi to London. Here i would change to local carrier British Midland to land in Glasgow. I patiently wait and hear announcements that start boarding of plane as per seat numbers. Obviously i have booked a window seat to enjoy all the views. Once through a tube like structure i finally boarded the plane and got my seat.

First impression, CRAMPY. then i realize its economic class...seats are supposed to be cramped. anyway i fit myself in the seat and open the blind to see the vehicles running in and out the plane's shadow. The vehicles that do all this task like maintenance, loading baggage.. have unusually large wheels. i mean all you can see is wheels and the driver somewhere..buss!!

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neeraj said...

Loved the journey! ;-)