I recently bought w610i. I had my eyes set on w660i but it was taking too much of a time to launch in Mumbai. At first there was only a gray body model of this cell which is yucky, it looks like a second hand phone even through its box pack.

I bought this eventually from Alpha in Andheri at 13500.
I got a sleek black piece and i am loving it.


  1. Music: Its a Sony. No one comes near sony when it comes to music phones. Believe me they are unbeatable in this category. Nokia have there durable and easy-to-use phones but they have suck and will suck at music phones. I listened to "Dil Chahta Hai - Tanhayee" on N73 Music Edition (Rs. 18000..then) and a friends k750i. It some how missed the punch i wanted out of my music. This and any other decent Sony music phone is worth buying than any freaking NSeries phones.
  2. Looks. Some might hate the metallic-orange color but i love it. Its different that the previous Walkman phones (the gaudy white-orange w550-w600-w800). The sleek feel you get when you hold the phone especially after clutching on a Nokia 3230 is amazing. The black and orange look of this mobile is another selling point. I had to wait for 2 weeks for this color to arrive.
  3. Memory: The package comes with a 512MB memory and maximum expandable to 2GB. Cool feature of almost all SE phones is a large phone memory. this one for one has 70 MB.

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