Its just a story

Just Finished the Life of Pi!!

Amazing book
Especially the last 20 - 30 pages where Pi recites his story to Ship Authorities
Indirectly author puts 2 versions of the story and its upto the reader which one he believes or what is reality

It feels ...
it feels much like our view of GOD

What you would *like* to believe and what is the reality

It may sound like vague but just read that book

Do not download an ebook or an etext
just buy the book and read it
Do not borrow from your friend
just buy the book and read it
Do not read it as a novel
Read it like you use to do when you were a child
One who is reading because it tells him a story
read it for the story

'coz this world love stories

If you ask me....i like the one with animals

P.S What next? well how about some hard core science fiction ..i m now reading Micheal Crichton - State of Fear

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