Who is John Galt?

Being an programmer and blessed with some spare time..i like reading books
[This blog is becoming more like a 'this-is-what-i-read-stuff' ..doesn't it?]

anyway :-)

Right now i am reading Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged

Again recommended to me by my friend
I was looking for this book for almost 2-3 months
I bought it last week from a book market
Its a second hand book

Anyway till now what i have read it is an amazing book
It begins with
'Who is John Galt'

Ends with
"The road is cleared" said Galt. "We are going back to world." He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced
in space the sign of the dollar.

Its my habit to read the start and end of any book i pickup....If i seem to like it...then the book is worth reading..
Though this is not always true!!


Anonymous said...

just cus u asked to add comments.ppl i av known this guy for like all my life n i never knew he had such good creative english way of putting things.i guess its just another new side the net has to provide to this dude.btw the book he is mentioning here is a philosophical book n gets heavy on our hardworked brains, so if u are willing to take the effort and the pain to try n figure it out. ALL THE BEST.

Anonymous said...

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