So who am i

I am Yogesh Jangam
I am an Indian
I am a Hindu
I am a Software Engineer
I am a son, a brother, a friend
I am ...

Those are a lots of attributes applied to a single entity [a software geek would understand it in context of an ER model]

I was looking for a name for this blog
I wanted to called it 'Yogesh Jangam', but too possesive and who wants to visit and update themselves on 'Yogesh Jangam'
I wanted to called it 'Cubicle Nightmare', but its bad to remind anyone of their cubicles
I wanted to called it lots of things,but i came to call it SCRIBE

Scribe is someone who writes....and since i am someone and i am writing so i thought SCRIBE would be and apt title
What does i do?
I program for food
I write computer gibberish which some think is useful and thats how i live
I also photograph sometimes, and plan to put some images on SCRIBE
SO what am i upto when i am not programming.
I like music [i know it sounds cliche]. I listen to music, mostly mp3 or on tv.
I like rock recommended to me by my friends
I like hindi songs, very very few, like now i am listening to Zeher - Woh Lamhe Woh battein
I am learning to play guitar.

that is more than enough about me....this is the first and last time i write on SCRIBE about me
SCRIBE becomes what i want to write


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