5 April 2005


So when you go around the web, you read about blog
what is a blog?
Why was it selected by Merriam-Webster as Word of the year 2004

As you might have read is a personal journal.
When you write a blog
you become a blogger....
what you are doing is
becomes blogging.


So why blog?
to tell something we know..
to know something we don't..
to express..
to say..
We being humans like to be in a society, or someone like to be a part and yet be alone.
Anyway blog enables us to write what we think,we feel, we know, ...well basically to write
There are things as audio blogs, but let me stick with writing

Let's see what this guy [F. Paynter] on a Sandhill has to say
Why People Blog?

well i leave you with this today

awating a better day tomorrow

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