Y2K38...What's that!!

Well its a newer Y2K bug
or to say more accurately Year 2038
just a bit more scarier...
It applies to C applications and esp Linux based

I read this article in Business World (May 16,2005 Issue)

The open source operating system, which more and more companies are migrating to, has met its Y2K. What is the Linux 2038 bug, which industries will be affected first, and how can it be debugged?

Problem arised due to way date is stored in C programs
C uses time_t to save dates and time...
This is an 32 bit datatype....
The highest number that can be stored is
(231 since 1 bit goes to save postitve or negative values) that comes to around
Tuesday 19 January 2038 03:14:07 GMT

that's the date when later the programs in C would translate to 13 December 1901....Thus giving erroneous result...

Well i am waiting for that day....

More to read...
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