Pavna Lake and Me (and lots of other people...)

6th May 2005

I had gone along with my colleagues for a company camp-out to a serene place called
Pavna Lake.
This is located in Maharashtra state of India
It is near a Lonavala, a famous tourist place.. near Pune

Pavna Lake: 12 kilometers off the highway at Kamshet on the road to Pavna Dam this west-facing site overlooks the Pavna Lake. The take-off is 300 above landing. Good for basic scenic flying and watching the waters turn to gold as the sun sets over in the hills beyond. The site can get pretty thermic even in the late afternoons.

As usual i was carrying my digital camera (Canon A75)

It took us about 3 hours (thanks to some traffic, un-needed stops and missing some turns)
Anyway we got there....and i felt that those 3 hours were worth the wait

Lake and waves
Pavna Lake Island

and this one
Pavna Lake Island

We all got there and our first job was to put some tents as i was soon going to get dark


ok all done!!

Liyakat in Tents

We reached there about 6:00
My first action was to take some snaps

This was one of the first and i thought the best photograph

Bala in the sun

and a Nice and warm Sunset
warm sunset


lake n the sun

When we were about to reach there, we came to know that people were shooting for a famous Crime-Thriller Serial , CID,
The actors were in a power boat

Later when everything was settled and we have put our tents we sat down to eat some great pohas
While some guys were setting up the bar tables...some like me were sitting together and playing antakshari....

After it was about 8:00, the actual party began.

This is Mohit

and these are other guys
(L > R) Saurav,Ojas,Danish, Bala,Neeraj and Chetan

we had some delicious chicken fingers made by our veggie colleague
Vikas Khairwal

Chicken Fingers

Though me being a veggie could not savor those delicious chicken fingers..i feasted on some
lip-smacking and spicy Paneer Kababs

Later after a long night of boozing people went to sleep..while pranksters (yup! we had some) were either dropping cold
ice cubes down somebodys pants (obviously when they were sleepig) or into tents or had their cell phones tones screaming like crazy..just to wake them up...nice one guys....
(luckyly i wasn't the one with ice cubes down my pants...brrrrrh!!)

Best was the next morining when we got up at 6:00 and a breath taking view of one of the forts called Lohgad.
Actually, Pavna Lake is an artificial lake created due a Pavna dam just ahead of the lake.
Pavna Lake is situated in such location that while there u can see 3 forts
Lohgad Tikona and Tungi
This is one taken in the morning

lake n the sun

after a quick lunch we guys played a cricket was a bit irritating coz the ball use to go down the lake and
some one had to retrieve it ..which would usually be the one placed at that position especially for that.....

After a cricket match and a refreshing tea, we packed all our tents and belongings and headed back to the resort where
we were to rest before we left.

Nothing much happened in afternoon, just waiting for the lunch and after lunch we packed and left for the bus..

End of story

Visit Pavna Lake again



Ojas said...

Hi Yogs.. hey great work dude... I relived those lovely moments and that amazing place!!! The snaps and the narration is too good. Good Luck... - Oj@s

u know me well said...

just cuz i m on a spree of commenting on ur stuff. some of the pics are real good but some..... i dont wanna comment.heheh, kidding.i m glad u enjoyed it. and one word of caution to ppl around this guy, well if at all anybody reads my comments, be careful with this guy when he has his camera cuz he goes on snapping all kinds of stuff n u dont wanna get caught on the cam, hehehehehheh. kudos to u dude on ur narration and check the typos, heh just couldnt help noticing a few,u know my work.bye cya