While New Orleans and the world is still recovering for the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, another tragedy has struck us.
This time it is in Iraq.

Atleast 816 people have been killed in Baghdad in a stampede. The stampede was triggered by rumours of suicide bomber at a Shiite pilgrim site.


"At least 953 people were killed when Shiite Muslim pilgrims stampeded on a bridge spanning the Tigris River in northern Baghdad after insurgents attacked a nearby mosque, the Iraqi government said late today."


"Most of those killed were women and children, police sources said. Authorities expect the death toll to reach 1,000, Health Ministry official Jased Latif Ali said."

Herald Tribune

Most of the dead were crushed or suffocated, witnesses said, but many drowned after falling or jumping into the Tigris River after the panicking crowd was crushed against the bridge railings. The disaster was by far the greatest one-day loss of life since the American invasion in March 2003."

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Neel said...

The media has an agenda in reporting what they feel is most newsworthy, and although it is a terrible tragidy, that does not mean that we should ignore what is going on in the rest of the world. The only news we have been getting in the US (televised that is), is about Katrina. In order to get other information it is necessary to troll the net.