It's been a long time since i updated this blog. SO i am doing it now.
I have recently shifted my job. Now i am working at MphasiS. Its one of the top IT companies in India and i am glad i made this shift

Nothing new in my life..
Right now i am reading Atlas Shrugged - Ayn rand.
Ok! so i started the book and left it unfinished. Well now i am reading it again...)
My library books are 2 weeks due and i think i can return them tomorrow if library is open!

Also, yes, i went to birthday party of my friend, Mandar Padsalgikar. Had a night out, went on a drive with friends and came back.


allison said...

sounds like you had an interesting night. i'm glad you like your new job. ;-)

neeraj said...

hi YJ,

yeah thats life...enjoy every moment to its fullest and keep rocking!

Katie said...

ive read atlas shrugged. its one of my favorite books. was a big ayn rand fan in highschool

Yogesh Jangam said...

thanks Katie
I've read Fountainhead and want to finish Atlas Shrugged some day
Will tell u waht i felt abt it..

What are you reading these days!